The Gospel and Our Cities: Chicago 2018 brought together thought leaders and practitioners in key topics around urban ministry: church planting, church renewal, mercy & justice and faith & work.



Watch the plenary, breakout, and exposition talks by Dr. Charlie Dates, Tim Keller and more!



The next thirty years will confront the church in North America with great challenges for gospel ministry and, at the same time, great opportunities.

We are asking God to start a movement of kingdom-centered prayer in North American cities.


We want to see leaders from all backgrounds, united by the gospel, join together for prayer, training, leadership development and coaching. We want to align around a common vision for our cities so that every leader in every city will have the support they need.


Church planting is just the beginning. If a critical mass of people in a city are changed by the gospel–the way they work, the way they parent, the way they think about their neighborhood––it could change the very fabric of the city.

It might even change the world.