City to City North America is a fellowship of leaders, churches, and networks that collaborate to help start churches in the leading cities of North America. We foster the development of multi-ethnic, trans-denominational church networks that are gospel-centered and Kingdom-minded so that any church, network or denomination that wants to start a church in a city will have the support they need. Our pledge is that City to City North America is willing to bring whatever resources we have to bear on helping churches, networks and denominations impact their cities for Christ.


The vision is to cultivate gospel movements in the leading cities of Canada, the U.S.A. and the Caribbean. Our passion is for the gospel to impact every city large or small so that hundreds of thousands of people come to know Christ, tens of thousands of new churches are created, existing churches are revitalized and strengthened and the implications of the gospel are applied holistically in every city. This can only happen through the work of the Holy Spirit and the collaboration of leaders, churches, networks and denominations that are committed to the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The next thirty years will confront the church in North America with great challenges for gospel ministry and, at the same time, great opportunities.

We are asking God to start a movement of kingdom-centered prayer in North American cities.

We want to see leaders from all backgrounds, united by the gospel, join together for prayer, training, leadership development and coaching. We want to align around a common vision for our cities so that every leader in every city will have the support they need.

Church planting is just the beginning. If a critical mass of people in a city are changed by the gospel–the way they work, the way they parent, the way they think about their neighborhood––it could change the very fabric of the city.

It might even change the world.

Global Affiliates

CTC North America will function as a Regional Affiliate of our parent organization, Redeemer City to City. Other global affiliates include CTC Asia Pacific, CTC Europe, CTC Africa, CTC Australia, an undisclosed partner in China, and CTC Latin America.






San Francisco

new york city





The cities listed above represent the places where we have the most robust ecosystems, but we are also working in other North American cities. If your city isn’t listed above, reach out to us through the chat bubble or contact us about catalyzing a movement in your city.